Set in an alternate world, where eons ago mankind was nearly driven towards extinction by relentless attacks from large humanoid creatures named Titans, much of what remains of humanity currently resides between large concentric walls to hide from these monstrous creatures. Living in such defensive barriers ensured peace for the remnants of humanity with no encounter with a Titan for nearly a one-hundred years, but this peace may not last long.

The plot mainly revolves around the adventures of Eren Yeager and his friends, who decide to enlist in the military, when a titan breaches the outer wall, shattering the peace and reigniting a fight for survival against man-eating monsters. It was during this attack that Eren lost his mother to a Titan and his father who mysteriously disappeared during the attack.

It is widely believed that great personalities are built in the face of adversity, and standing up against an invincible enemy knowing fully that you stand no chance is what legends are made of! It is also during such struggles that most men realize their true strength and the reality of the world they live in, and when you follow the adventures of such characters, you are bound to see quotes and sayings that could make your hair stand-up. For your inspiration, here are some of the best ‘Attack On Titan Quotes’.

Attack On Titan Quotes – Top 10 Best – SUPER Inspirational

Attack On Titan Quotes Eren Yeager

If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win!

-Eren Yaeger

Mikasa - Attack On Titan Quotes

“If you think it’s natural for people to sacrifice their own lives to save others, surely you understand that sometimes a single death can save many lives.”

– Mikasa Ackerman

Attack On Titan Quotes - Levi

The only thing we’re allowed to do is to believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.

Levi Rivaille

Ymir - Attack On Titan Quotes

Do you always want to live hiding behind the mask you put up for the sake of the others? You’r you, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Attack On Titan Quotes

“A person who cannot give up anything can change nothing.”

― Armin Arlet

AOT Quotes - Mikasa

I don’t want to lose what little family I have left.

– Mikasa Ackerman

Eren Yeager - AOT Quotes

“I want to see and understand the world outside. I don’t want to die inside these walls without knowing what’s out there !”

Eren Yeager

AOT Quotes - Annie

I just want the weak who do get swept along with the flow, be considered human .. too!

– Annie

Levi - AOT Quotes

This is just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline I believe pain is the most effective way.

-Levi Rivaille

Mikasa - AOT Quotes

“The world is merciless, and it’s also very beautiful.”

-Mikasa Ackerman

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