On the face of it, Gravity Falls might seem like something adults are forced to watch alongside their preschool kids, and considering that it’s created by the same studio that’s come up with gems such as ‘Austin & Ally’ where the biggest threat to main characters is not turning-in their homework on time, a show that seamlessly blends action, adventure, horror, sci-fi and mystery is the last thing you’d expect.

What makes this show so amazing, is that every single character has its own in-depth history, personality and unique characteristics, it almost seems like you can create a show dedicated to each one of these characters. It’s not surprising that Alex Hirsch, the creator of the show, has based many of them on his own friends and family.

Given the attention to detail this show provides, many of characters themselves have built a massive fan following, mainly due to their personalities, quirks and quotes. Go through the following Bill Cipher quotes and you’ll see for it yourself. Born trillions of years prior to the events of the series, Bill is a triangular demon who originated from the second dimension, which he despised, and currently displays an outlandish or brash personality, which could be a result of his background.

Bill Cipher Quotes – Top 10 Best – Gravity Falls Quotes

Bill Cipher Quotes

It’s funny how dumb you are.

Bill Cipher Quote on originality

No amount of gold on earth can buy originality.

Philosophical Bill Cipher Quotes

But know this! A darkness approaches! A day will come in the future when everything you care about will change! Until then I’ll be watching you. I’ll be Watching youu !

Gravity Falls Quotes

Reality is an illusion. The universe is a hologram.

Gravity Falls Quote

Pain is hilarious!

Sad Gravity Falls Quotes

Despair is your best friend because it’s always there for you when you feel down.

funny Gravity Falls Quotes

Here, have a head that’s always screaming.

Punching Bill Cipher Quotes

How ’bout I reverse the functions of every hole on your face

Bill Cipher Gravity Falls

I gotta hand it to you kids. You’re a lot more clever than I gave you credit for. Especially the fat one.

Bill Cipher Gravity Falls Quote

“Oh, I know lots of things! Lots of things…”

No matter how old or young you are, if you aren’t watching ‘Gravity Falls’, you are missing out on some of the best pieces of television programming. Just force yourself through the first few episodes and you’ll get carried through the rest.

Gravity Falls is truly one of the smartest works in animation history, something that should be quite evident with Bill Cipher Quotes mentioned above. I’m sure this article will force some of you to give this show a try, if so please do share it on Facebook and Pin it on Pinterest to reach more potential fans.