The wedding is a special and a memorable day in a person’s life. Not only for the couple but also for everyone close, it is a day of celebration and party. Make the wedding of your close one special by these wishes and your prayers. Let them know that you care and all your blessings are with them on this new start with some cute wedding wishes.

Cute Wedding Wishes For The Much Celebrated Event

Here are some really cute wedding wishes for the much-celebrated event in any bride’s and groom’s life!

cute wedding wishes - 1A wedding wish for two special person: love is best when shared by two. You know that together you are stronger, together you are one. Have a wonderful married life!

cute wedding wishes - 2I wish you a wonderful wedding ceremony with beautiful cherishing moments of the ceremony. As the ceremony binds you both together for life, I pray to God for your bright future and well being always.

cute wedding wishes - 3With warm congratulations to a very special pair. May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness that only partners in life share!

cute wedding wishes - 4On this special day of your wedding, wishing you happiness and love like the unending circle of your wedding ring.

cute wedding wishes - 5Warm wishes! A special wish for a lovely couple. May the love that blossoms in your hearts this day be just the foundation upon which larger monuments of togetherness are to be built.

cute wedding wishes - 6Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together and a love that grows stronger with each passing day.

cute wedding wishes - 7Wishing that your marriage will be as happy and beautiful as your wedding.

cute wedding wishes - 8When two are knotted as one, both families and friends share in oneness of their marital union; may this marriage be a bridge to usher happiness, peace and prosperity.


cute wedding wishes - 10May the hope and dream of your marriage bloom like a beautiful sunflower. Happy Wedlock.

cute wedding wishes 11Your wedding is like bloom of a flower— beautiful and full of hope; may your love and care for one another know no bound. Happy Wedlock.


Hope you enjoyed reading through the above cute wedding wishes.