If you ever go to an anime convention and spot guys wearing gray bodypaint and horns. Those are the Homestucks. You must avoid them like the plague. Not only are these guys the most annoying bunch of people you’ll ever meet, a small clue that you don’t care about their beloved Dave Strider can result in a few minutes of in-your-face aggression which literally can feel like forever, after which, you’ll be brainwashed into spewing Dave Strider quotes.

Homestuck fans are the Jehovah’s Witnesses of the anime world, always looking for more people to join their ranks and building their following, which is quite hard considering that the entire Homestuck phenomenon is confusing and hard to understand, and not to mention, Super-Long (8,124 Pages). The intense passion that most Homestuck fans have for this comic has turned into a meme in itself.

Created by Andrew Hussie, Homestuck is a sprawling and complex series created on a Microsoft Paint interface. The story follows a group of teenagers who start playing the beta version of a video game, setting-off world-wide destruction, along with multiple timelines, fighting internet trolls, etc. Yes, I can hear you, why is this shit so popular? Homestuck’s rise to popularity can mainly be attributed towards its quick spread through Tumblr and ultimately it’s chauvinistic fanbase, which most people find more interesting than the comic-strip itself.

Dave Strider Quotes

My bro taught me a few tricks, he basically knows everything and is awesome!

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 Don’t worry, miss. You have a Strider now, everything’ll be just fine.

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Just one of those little joys in life you take for granted you know this miraculous gift of vision.
Homestuck Quotes
I could give myself a hernia trying to be as big a douche as that guy
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God so beautiful to look at with my perfect eyesight.
Homestuck Quotes - Dave Strider
Oh hell! That is such a coincidence I just found an unopened container of apple juice in my closet. It is like fucking Christmas up in here.
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Wow! You really suck at this, don’t you?
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Anyway, guess I’ll go back down and burn that book.

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Did you try to draw shades on his face and miss whats even the point? He’s already wearing shades.
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Hammerkind? Ok, that will be the permanent allocation for your specibus. I guess I should have mentioned that. Hope you like hammers dude!

This webcomic is so complex that you just have to start from the beginning in order to understand, and for anyone who just started with this series, the feeling can be indescribable, not that its bad, it’s just weird.
Whether you like the series or not, I’m sure you like the amazingly mediocre Dave Strider quotes mentioned above.