Gemini’s are born between May 21 and June 20. Generally gentle and affectionate they are quick learner’s and have good socializing skills. As their zodiac sign represent they display dual personality and it’s quite confusing as to which character you might have to face. Gemini’s are curious about things and life as such and want to experience everything. As lover’s they are usually moving from one relation to another until they find their perfect match that suits their wavelength. They are very outgoing and hence usually have lots of friends with whom they love to spend their time with. As parents, they tend to have very strong bonding with their kids.

These are few of the general Gemini traits. Read more characteristic Gemini quotes below.

Best Gemini Quotes

Gemini Quotes 1

The cutest thing about a Gemini: How they can make anyone smile.

Gemini Quotes 2

Gemini’s are not two faced. They simply see both sides of everything and this even confuses them at times.

Gemini lover Quotes 3

Gemini is known flirts but once they are attached to someone they become blind to the rest of the world.

Gemini woman Quotes 4

Gemini woman is an ideal combination of beauty with brains.

Gemini Quotes 5

If it wasn’t for the fact that body falls asleep naturally, Gemini would be up all day thinking… and thinking.

Gemini Quotes 6

Gemini’s aren’t afraid to admit when they are wrong because they know nobody is perfect.

Gemini character Quotes 7

A hurt stressed or all around annoyed Gemini will shut everything and everyone out.

Gemini friend Quotes 8

A Gemini has a lot of acquaintances, but only a few friends that they really trust.

Gemini Quotes 9

I can’t keep calm, I am a Gemini.

Gemini Quotes 10

Gemini will never let anyone fully in.

Hope you enjoyed our collection of Gemini Quotes. Are able to compare the above-mentioned traits to the Gemini’s you know personally? Would you like to add any quote to the above collection? Do let us know all your feedbacks through the comments section below.

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