There are many of us who still fail to understand the popularity of rap music, one argument goes that the main reason for the rising popularity of this genre is it’s easy to digest nature, it represents music stripped down to its bare essentials, go any simpler and it just turns into a simple speech.

Even though the subject matter of rap has caused a great deal of controversy, most successful rappers are highly talented, with excellent control over lyrics, rhyming, and language. Ultimately, good music always comes down to personal taste, which is why rap music appeals more to the younger generation and millennials.

King Lil G Quotes – Top 10 Best – Alex Gonzalez Quotes

Alex Gonzalez is one such talented rapper known by his alter-ego King Lil G. He has a unique style of rapping wherein he incorporates his life story into the verses and teaches his fans what is right and what is wrong without blaming or accusing anybody, popularly shared across the interweb as King Lil G Quotes.


Dear God Forgive me for my sins. Death keeps calling me. Save my soul from eternal fire. Death keeps calling me.

Romantic King Lil G Quotes

I got a crush on you that’s one thing that I can’t hold back cause I like your style and the way you make me feel inside.

King Lil G Quote

I heard that God keeps looking for me. I hope you find me lord.
I heard that God keeps looking for me. I hope you find me lord.

King Lil G Quotes

Did you ever wish you could die, but be alive at your funeral. Just to see who would be there, just to see who would cry.

King Lil G


Sometimes I like to chill Homie, sometimes I like to smoke, sometimes I wish I never left school because All I do is Graffiti and sell Dope

Sad Alex Gonzalez Quote

But aye, the more I tried the more you rifted away… and it was probably never your intention to stay and knowing that it’s hard to get through my day.

Alex Gonzalez Quote

Take my advice, that ain’t the life you wanna live. Make your mother proud, graduate and make it big…

Lil Gangster Quotes

I love the way that it feels. I’m feeling you but love kills.

Philosophy Lil Gangster Quote

Pretending to be happy when you’re pain is just an example of how strong you are as a person.

Lil Gangster Quote

I’m not your friend. I’m your enemy. Bullet holes to those pretending to be friends with me.

When he was very young, Alex’s older brother was arrested for attempting murder and sentenced to 32 years in prison, this was when he decided to make a better life for himself and became more goal oriented.

Much of his lyrics and rapping style are influenced by such early experiences from his own life, which is what makes King Lil G Quotes so popular and interesting among fans. If you liked this post, please do share it on Facebook with your friends and family.