Leos are born between  July 23 – August 22. Just as their Zodiac sign Lion, they too are born leaders and are headstrong in nature. Once committed there is nothing that they can’t achieve. Passionate, generous and loyal, they have the ability to lead people of different groups. When it comes to relationships they prefer partners who are independent and are not too clingy. As friends, they are strong and reliable making them one of the best friends to have. They would take any step required to protect their loved ones. So here are few Leo quotes that depict the Leo nature in general. Read and enjoy.

Best Leo Quotes

leo quotes 1

A Leo can be all sugar and spice one moment, then walking thunderstorms the next.

leo quotes 2

Giving advice to Leo is totally pointless… they do what hey want anyway.

leo quotes 3

Leos hate asking for favors. They are always trying to be self-reliant.

leo quotes 4

If you want a good argument, start one with a Leo.

leo love quote 5

Trust that when a Leo loves you, they will do anything for you.

leo quotes 6

Leos can read others intentions discreetly and usually with accuracy.

leo quotes 7

Leo picks up on skills very quickly and does not find it hard to master them.

leo quotes 8

Challenge is one of Leo’s favorite words. They will never back down.

leo women quotes 9

Leo women are powerful and beautiful. An amazing combination.

leo love quotes 10

A Leo can’t live without love. Love is Leo’s life blood.

leo personality quotes 11

Leo is a very proud person. Don’t ever embarrass them.

Hope you enjoyed the above Leo quotes that depicts the main characteristics of a Leo. Do you agree with them? Would you like to share any other Leo traits or quotes? Or do you have any feedback to give us? We would love to hear from you. Do let us know through the comments section below.

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