Born between September 22 and October 23 Libras are generally calm people who love to be with people. They are fair minded and generous making it one of the easiest zodiac signs to get along with. Libras cannot tolerate injustice and prefer equality in whatever they do. They are charming lovers and will always try to keep their partners happy. They are excellent problem solvers and great people to be with. Want to know more traits and characteristics of a Libra? Here are few Libra quotes that tells about the general Libra nature. Read and enjoy them.

Famous Libra Quotes

Libra Quotes 1

A Libra doesn’t need anybody who doesn’t need them.

Libra Lover Quotes 2

Your Libra lover is the most passionate, the most comforting and the easiest to get along with sign of the Zodiac.

Libra Quotes 3

Libra like to keep the peace. They tend to be happy and handle all situations calmly unless you go too far.

Libra Traits 4

Libras love to socialize, but Libra also loves solitude.

Libra Quotes

Children love Libras and are drawn to them. They are also a sucker for kids too as long as they aren’t spoiled brats.

Libra Character 6

A Libra will not pretend to like you if they don’t, it’s usually pretty obvious even when they are being cordial.

Libra Quotes 7

Libra is the sign of beauty, justice, and companionship. They always seek compromise.

Libra Quotes 8

Libras receive great pleasure by pleasing and helping others.

Libra Quotes 11

Libras will stand by their convictions and principles more than any other sign.

Libra Quotes 10

You can talk till te sun comes up, but you won’t beat a Libra in an argument.

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