People born between October 23 and November 21st fall under this zodiac sign. Scorpions are generally brave and passionate. They are also known to be quite secretive and hate dishonesty. As a result, you can’t be sure of what is there on their mind most of the time but at the same time, ou can be sure that your secret is safe with them. They prefer intelligent and loyal partners and once they are sure of it, then they are the best. So here are few of Scorpio quotes that bring out these characteristic traits of a Scorpion. Read, enjoy and share.

Best Scorpio Quotes

Scorpio woman quotes 1

A Scorpio woman will always get what she wants by any means necessary.

scorpio quotes 2

Never EVER test a Scorpio’s patience, because you might not like what you see when they DO explode.

scorpio quotes 3

Scorpios don’t back away from the truth just because it’s something they or others don’t wish to hear.

scorpio quotes 4

When a Scorpio is indifferent towards you, that’s when you know it’s TRULY over.

scorpio male quotes 5

Scorpios have a wicked sense of humor and can really be sarcastic when you guys get into little disagreements.

scorpio quotes 6

For a Scorpio it’s very simple: You can’t control me and you can’t beat me. So it’s best to just join me.

scorpio partner quotes 7

A Scorpio’s emotions are so powerful, that everything he or she thinks about is literally written on their faces.

scorpio quotes 8

A Scorpio will probe until they reach the truth. They will ask the same question over and over to catch you slipping in your story.

scorpio quotes 9

Scorpio cry in the dark so that no one can see.

scorpio quotes 10

If a Scorpio loves, nothing anyone says can change their mind.

Hope you enjoyed reading through our collection of best Scorpio quotes. Please do let us know your feedback on the above quotes and your experience with Scorpios. You are also welcome to share other Scorpio Quotes too. We would love to hear from you.

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