People born between April 21 – May 21 fall in the Taurus Sun sign. It’s an earth sign and people born in this sign are usually hardworking, stable, and practical. They are also believed to be excellent lovers and value their love more than everything and anyone. Taurus people are also very sincere in their relations and tend to expect the same and hence little hard to please. Also, they don’t like much changes as they prefer a stable lifestyle. Here are few of the best Taurus quotes that you can actually relate to any Taurus you know.

So read and enjoy them and don’t forget to pass on to the Taurus around you.

Funny And Real Taurus Quotes

funny taurus quotes - 1Got a Taurus mad? Lord, have mercy on your soul.

funny taurus quotes - 2I don’t need Red Bull, I’m a Taurus.

funny taurus quotes - 3A Taurus speaks two things: Sarcasm and Realness.

funny taurus quotes - 4Don’t let the calm Taurus fool you into thinking they’re harmless. When provoked they are like an atomic bomb.

taurus quotes - 5Stamina is a Taurus gift and they use that ability to wear out others in their quest to dominate.

taurus quotes - 6A Taurus believes in what is done, not the words that are said.

taurus quotes - 7When a Taurus likes you it’s not obvious. They’ll sit back and watch you make sure you’re the one.

taurus quotes - 8Taurus have an aura about them that has the glam yet down to earth look simultaneously.

taurus quotes - 9Taurus is a free spirit who likes adventure, but when they want to be alone do not touch them. Let them be.

taurus quotes - 10A Taurus will take your advice and then go do the opposite of what you said.

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