Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22. The issue with this earth sign is that they give a lot of importance to details and hence are very critical about themselves as well as others. They weigh reason and logic above their feelings. Virgos are the best partners provided they feel loved and honesty in the relation. They usually have very few friends, but those who are there are very close to their heart. So here are few Virgo quotes that clearly depicts a Virgo nature.

Best Virgo Quotes

Virgo Quotes 1

People think they can mess with Virgos because they are nice, but push them too far and you’ll wish you hadn’t.

Virgo woman Quotes 2

Virgos are born protectors. If you pick on their family or friends be prepared for a hell.

Virgo Quotes 3

Virgos will know if they like somebody within the first 30 minutes of talking to them. They read people extremely well.

Virgo Male Quotes 4

Virgos are one of the main signs to suffer in silence. They internalize a lot of hurt feelings and stress.

Virgo Quotes 5

Virgos would rather do it themselves than to explain to you how to do it.

Virgo Quotes 6

Virgos needs, needs, needs their alone time. It keeps them sane and helps them deal with whatever emotions they may be dealing with that they don’t want others to pick upon.

Virgo Quotes 7

As a Virgo you are often lost in your thoughts about what you could have, would have and should have done differently.

Virgo Love Quotes 8

Virgos love hard so feelings die slowly … but once they are dead there is no resurrection.

Virgo Friend Quotes 9

Virgos will never care about lots of friends. They just need people who are genuine and true.

Virgo Quotes 10

Virgos has a hard time explaining what they feel. If they do, they give the shortest version they can.

Virgo Quotes 12

Virgos often fear they will never be good enough for someone or something.

Being a Virgo myself, I felt that all these traits well describes them. Hope you enjoyed reading through this collection of Virgo Quotes. Do share with us your feedback and any other quotes that you would like to share with us. We would love to hear from you.

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