Indian Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August since 1947, to mark the end of vicious and atrocious rule by British. This day all Indian’s commemorate the sacrifice made by innumerable Indians to attain this freedom. Here are few quotes selected by us, that you can use as your Whatsapp Status for Independence Day, you can as well use this in facebook or any other place to show your love and patriotism towards mother India.

Whatsapp Status for Independence Day

Independence Day Status

Those who won our Independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.


Whatspp Status for Independence Day

29 States,
1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
6 Religion,
6 Ethnic Groups,
29 Major festivals
& 1 Country!
Be proud to be an Indian…
Happy Independence Day


Status for Independence Day

Some like Sunday,
Some like Monday,
But I like One Day
And that is Independence Day…


 Independence Day Whatsapp Status

Freedom in mind,
Faith in words,
Pride in our heart,
Memories in our souls,
Let’s salute the nation on Independence Day!


 Independence Day Status for Whatsapp

Independence day is a day to remember,
When a thought of freedom was born,
Don’t just take it as a national holiday,
Try something new to improve our country.
Have a Happy Independence Day


Whatsapp Status for Independence Day

We shed many tears to get this land, now fill it with smiles and happiness.


Whatsapp Status for Independence Day

Be the cause of unity, Fight against corruption, Flair the flag of our nation.. Happy Independence Day.


Status for Independence Day

It is the day to pay salute to all those who became the reason of this independence. Happy Independence Day.


Whatsapp Status for Independence Day

This special day let’s promise our Motherland that
we will do everything to enrich & preserve Our Heritage ,
Our Ethos & Our Treasure.Happy Independence Day.


Independence day status for whatsapp

One nation,One vision,One identity,No nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect.Happy Independence Day!


Let’s not just take it as a one day whatsapp status on independence day, but get inspired by it and take an oath of patriotism and gratitude for our mother land.  I believe this is the best way to express our indebtedness to all those leaders who had sacrificed their lives, to get us this freedom.